I am passionate about exploring the art of feminisation as it is something I love.  I remember dressing up my brother and then my boyfriend in my dresses and makeup. There is so much pressure on men to be traditionally masculine so I love creating a safe outlet for your feminine side. This is a safe place where you can be hidden but express yourself. Life is short so have fun with me and explore your feminine side. Even if you have not told a single soul about your desires to explore your feminine side, your secret is safe with me.

Although I love very heavy corporal punishment - I love to relax and explore and let my clients bring out that girl in them. You can be comfortable with being a strong masculine person but have a girly side dying to come out.

For an extra $100 you can get your makeup done with a professional makeup artist in the Valley then we can go out to town and go dancing. You can experience what it is like to be a beautiful woman on the dance floor in beautiful clothes. She is so amazing at what she does! You will feel like a Goddess. Nothing like a girl's night out!!!

I recommend that you buy and bring your own: tucking panties, waist cincher, buttocks pads. Also a pair of sexy bra and panties is great too! However, there is no rush to buy these items and we can feminise you without you bringing these items. It is hard for me to cater for everyone with correctly fitting undergarments as everyone is different sizes and heights: from 50kg - 150kg so sadly its hard for me to find stuff in the right size for you!

 I have found out that each and every one of you interested is completely different with what type of service they are looking for so please try to give me as much detail as possible. Are you looking to attend sissy training school or are you looking to learn how to dress? Let me know!