Foot Worship

Get on your knees where you belong and worship the feet of me…your Goddess!An erotic pleasure for you to enjoy.  Meeting foot slaves is one of my favourite things as I just enjoy having my beautiful feet cherished. I have been told by foot slaves that they can tell that I genuinely enjoy my feet being licked clean and kissed. My feet are dancer's feet. Flexible, pedicured, and move with the flow of our session.
I don't squirm or get ticklish - I simply relax and enjoy every moment. Lay at my feet, rub, touch and smell my feet and toes, and lick them. Make sure you worship every single inch of my legs. You are not worthy to worship me above my knees as you are a foot slave.I get regular pedicures and LOVE having my feet worshipped.
Growing up, I always say feet as dirty but as I blossomed into a Dominatrix, I realised how sexy and erotic my feet are. I have a weakness for shoes and am always buying beautiful, feminine shoes and stockings. 
I have a shoe fetish and believe that shoes are lingerie for the feet.